How to Get the Right Outdoor Cushion Covers Australia (and Shop Online!)

One of the great things about living in Australia is that you get to spend a lot more time out-of-doors than in other parts of the world.  That means many of us have gardens, patios, decking areas and other external rooms.  The key to the best, most comfortable exterior furniture is adding the right outdoor cushions to them.  And now you can shop for outdoor cushion covers within Australia with home delivery right from your computer or smartphone.

How to Choose Outdoor Cushion Covers

There are plenty of ways to choose the perfect external sofa cushions.  Sometimes you just go with replacement of existing pieces that match up with what is already on the furniture.  Other times you are looking for exterior chair cushions that add a feature to the chairs you have placed there, much in the same as we use scatter pillows on the living room sofa.

Another option is to go for large outdoor cushions that are suitable to use on the ground.  Outdoor floor cushion covers are a specialist area that is made from materials that are comfortable but also tough enough to be on the ground.  So if you are looking for this type, then the material plays a big part in the decision.

Tips to help you choose outdoor cushions

Sometimes the choice of the right outside cushioned seats may be a little more complicated.  So here are some tips to help you make that choice and get the right product.

  1. Use your surroundings as inspiration

Look at the size of the external area and see if this tells you what size seats would work best.  If you have a small patio area, for example, you don’t always want large floor cushions to add to it.  if you have a bench, then the cushion will tie in with the size of it and you can choose fitted outdoor bench seat pads to stay in place.

  1. Is there a theme you love?

Maybe you are a fan of big floral patterns in the house – well why not pick outdoor floral seating pillows that have a similar look?  Or maybe you have a lot of orange flowers in your garden and want to pick up this colour.

  1. Is it comfortable and practical?

Lastly, think about the practical side of things.  When you look at outdoor cushion covers, you want them to fit the inners that you have to avoid buying new ones.  You want outside replacement cushions to have a similar tough material to the ones in place, so they last a long time.  And if you just want some external pillows to use when it is warm and sunny, make sure you have somewhere to store them when not in use.

Buying outdoor cushions online

One of the great things about buying outdoor cushions online is that you don’t need to carry a tape measure to the shops with you – because the website will tell you everything you need to know about its size.  This means if you are looking for a replacement for external chair cushions, you can measure the size of the one already in place and simply find one with the same dimensions.

The same applies if you are looking for al fresco or garden bench seat cushions to make the bench a little more comfortable to sit on.  Simply measure the length and width of the bench then shop for the ones that match this size.  You can use the same idea for outside lounge seats as well.

Online stores can also stock a far greater range of styles and materials than a normal store.  That means you can find cheap outdoor cushions for the kids to use right through to custom exterior cushions that are really eye-catching pieces for a stylish patio area.

Make your outdoor space perfect

There’s lots of ways to use external chair pads in Australia to make an outdoor space just what you want it to be.  There are outdoor setting cushions that act as focal points for the space and outdoor furniture cushion covers to protect your furniture. 

By shopping online and watching for those outdoor chair cushions clearance deals, you can get the look you want at the best possible price.  And because we offer home delivery across Australia, you don’t need to go anywhere to track down those perfect cushions – simply order through the site and we will deliver them to your address.  So you can make external area of your house perfect with the minimal work and at the best possible price.