How To Buy Perfect Cushions & Covers Online Australia

The cushion has long been the perfect way to add features to your room.  From scatter to floral and even floor, there are hundreds of different types available.  And now, you can get the best cushions online from a specialist Australian supplier.  But how do you choose the perfect one at affordable price?

Buying cheap cushions & covers online

The tips when you come to buy cushions online Australia or internationally can be similar to when you buy them in store. The first thing to do is to look at where you want them to go. For example, shopping for sofa is very different to shopping for large floor cushions – for the former you need an idea of the size of the sofa to get the right ones. But for the floor, there are fewer restrictions and bigger is often better.

Another thing to remember is that you don’t always need to buy the whole thing -  a good supplier will also offer cushion covers at affordable prices. This means you can reuse the existing insert and simply replace it with a new cover to create lounge or bed cushions that coordinate with your look and cost less.

Large floor cushions tips

With the warmer climate, floor cushions in Australia are a popular choice where we can sprawl out on the floor, enjoy relaxing with the kids and still remain comfortable. Large floor cushions can be a great feature in a room as well as a practical addition – you can move them around as you need them and store them when you don’t. 

Floor cushions are also very popular for children’s bedrooms. They allow the kids to play on the floor but are softer than sitting or lying straight on the carpet or flooring. And for younger kids, if they happen to fall asleep while playing, it is much more comfortable when you have a nice big floor pillow there!

You don’t even need to use supersized ones to do the job. For smaller rooms, a cluster of floral cushions in a complementing color to the room decor can make an instant casual seating area. Plain or decorative also works perfectly in these rooms and can be stored when not in use.

Bed and scatter cushion tips

When buying cushions online for Australia delivery, you can get a bit excited by all the colors, patterns and materials. But if you are buying them for your bed or to act as scatter cushions on a sofa, then you need to consider the space you have. It is great to grab a bargain in a sale but if you don’t leave enough room for anyone to sit on the sofa, then they are not going to be popular.

That means doing a little measuring before you buy them online. If you already have cushions that work, and you want to renew them, then you can simply buy them online and use the insert you already have. Cheap cushion covers are a great way to change the look of a room and don’t cost what luxury covers will cost you.

In addition to decorative covers, you can also get couch or large covers designed for those big pillows at the back of the sofa. These can be another great way to refresh the look of the room without having to buy an entirely new sofa or chair. Just look for the right size cushions for sale with Australia home delivery to reinvigorate your furniture.

Types of cushion covers

As well as what you plan to use the cushion for, another big question is the type or material you want. There are hundreds of designs available and you can get designer ones online for great prices versus what you will pay in store.

Linen covers are a popular idea for any room. You can use them to add comfort to a chair or sofa and they come in a range of plain and patterned options.  You can get a round cushion with a neutral shade linen cover or scatter that have bold patterns on them.

Knitted cushion covers can be hard wearing and even work in outdoor areas depending on the material used. Many of the large covers across Australia are made with knitted materials and some can even be left outside if there is a light rain shower.

Get the best cushions online

We have a comprehensive range of cushions available ranging from round outdoor to designer from Australia’s best designers and international names as well.  We have regular cushions online sale where you can grab a bargain and we offer home delivery across the country, so you don’t need to worry about collecting your purchase – we send it straight to your door. Enjoy fast shipping from us Australia wide, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.